10 Native American Commandments – Unknown Author

I found this somewhere on the internet and it is so right, it talks about God, Karma, Kindness, Respect and How to be a Good Human being.  It talks about giving your time to other and the welfare of others, and being charitable.  It makes you live in the world, not just in your life and your priorities.  We all make the world what it is, we are all responsible for the community spirit in our neighbourhood, it is us that make this world great or bad, it is our thinking and being that makes it.

I think it so great,  I don’t who created it, but it is sure worth following to be a good human being.

 10 Native American Commandments – Unknown Author

  1. Remain close to ‘the Great Spirit’
  2. Show great respect for your fellow beings.
  3. Give assistance and kindness wherever needed.
  4. Look after the wellbeing of mind and body.
  5. Be truthful and honest at all times
  6. Do what you know to be right.
  7. Treat the Earth with respect.
  8. Take full responsibility for your actions.
  9. Dedicate a share of your effort to the greater good.
  10. Work together for the good of all mankind.

I hope you enjoyed this and will be inspired to make it a part of your life.

Please like, share, subscribe or comment what you think of these commandments,  what resonates with you?

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  1. What an excellent post, Bella! So true and simple, yet so profound. Makes me want to ask why we don’t practice these! I will certainly be sharing this. Thanks for posting it!

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