Meditation Commentary – Into the Soul

A Meditation that allow you to go into you the Soul, the spirit, into you.   We are still, we are being, we are light, we are more than this body.  Silence is our home and our strenght.   Observe, be, see, but stay rooted to your silence, to you the Soul.     Be you in this world, but deep inside you, untouched by this world.

I meditate daily and I encourage you to meditate daily.  Meditation allows you to connect with you, it allows you to find inner peace and really get to know you.  When you know you, you can learn to fix you.  Meditation awakens you to you, and heals you.

I share a meditation commentary weekly on Wednesday, so you will have another meditation to practice weekly, should you wish to.

I hope you enjoy this meditation, this meditation can be found on youtube, the channel name is release your wings.

We are all Spirit/Souls.  The Soul am a point of immortal light.  I am filled with Peace, Joy, Light, Purity, Love, and Wisdom. I hope you enjoy this meditation.  I share meditations weekly on Wednesday (previously it was Tuesday).  For those who have been following me for a while this meditation is a repeat, but, I believe in repeating meditation as then you can see how far you have come.

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This meditaion was created by students of Raja Yoga Meditation.

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