Orderliness In life Equals Harmony in Life

To have an organised life, that has routines, and discipline is life that is orderly.   Such a life will lead to peace and harmony.   Such a life is not boring, it is a life that achieves the goals that have been planned.   A life with no organisation, no routine or discipline is a life that lends itself to procrastination, laziness and carelessness.

If our surrounding are messy, even if the mess is hidden behind the cupboard doors, we know the mess is there, this creates a subconsciousness weight on us, and we never feel light and free.  When there is order there will be peace and harmony in life.  Where there is mess… well!

What is Orderliness?

  • Orderliness is being neat and tidy.
  • Orderliness is being neat and living with a sense of harmony, both externally and internally.
  • Orderliness is carrying out tasks in a step by step manner, instead of trial and error – going round in circles and reaching nowhere.
  • Orderliness is wisdom, learning from each activity of thought in life.  It is questioning, was this the best way of doing this or could we have been smarter.  It is thinking, was that thought or feeling I had useful or wasteful, did it bring me peace or sorrow.  If it brought be sorrow, then orderliness would be to chuck that thought in the dustbin so never to bother you again.

 How to apply orderliness in your life

  1. Before starting the day have a plan of what you want to physically achieve in the day, and for what you want to achieve from an emotional and inner development space.
  2. Before starting an activity, plan it out to have high-level rough idea. Also, be kind on yourself if you don’t complete it all today it is okay you can carry on tomorrow.
  3. Make sure everything in your home has a place to live, and put it back there as soon as you are done with it.
  4. Put junk mail into recycling as soon as you can
  5. On your desk , or even in the Kitchen, only have out what you need to do the task.
  6. In kitchen be wise not to create too much washing up, plan what you need to cook, wash all the vegetable in one go,  cut them all in one go, save time cleaning up by laying newspaper on the work surfaces.  Multi-task safely.  Be fully present when cooking then you will see where else you can be orderly.
  7. Life problems: trust you have the capacity to deal with the problem.  Place it in front of the divine, wait a bit, read a bit, but never get scared on panicked –  because the best answers come when we are calm and orderly.
  8. Tidy the house every day, put things in their place
  9. Prepare as much of breakfast the night before
  10. Prepare lunch box the night before
  11. Prepare clothes for tomorrow the night before
  12. Prepare you work/school bag the night before
  13. Prepare you mind – Meditate at night, practise affirmation, and gratitude.
  14. Walk up to meditation and affirmations.
  15. If you have a particularly difficult meeting, use the law of attraction and say the meeting will go great, everyone will be friendly and cooperative, we will reach a viable solution for all. And say to yourself, I am calm, confident, all experiences are an opportunity to improve myself and I am prepared to learn and grow better.

Orderliness Affirmations.

I live today and each and every day with order and harmony.  I am neat and tidy.  I put everything back.  I rock with my organization at work, at my desk, in the kitchen, in the house.   I do everything step by step and calmly.   I create beauty and calm in my home and work spaces, by being tidy, neat and orderly.  Because of my orderliness,  there is harmony in my living spaces, in my mind,  and in my life in general.   I love being organised.  I can see how much it frees up my time and I can see how much more I achieve, how peaceful I am and how light I feel.

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28 thoughts on “Orderliness In life Equals Harmony in Life

  1. Wonderful reminder. I need to have a little more order in my routine. I let emails distract me way to often. It’s a never ending battle it seems. But on most things I’d say I’m orderly. Great tips though! Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Pete. Happy Sunday. Thank you for your kind comment. Emails are an issue for all. A lot people say the will only look 3 times a day or less, to help them nit get distracted. Thanks again .. have a great sunday and rest of the week. Regards Bella


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