Karma – Part 1




What do we think of when we think Karma?  What do we think of when we think the Law of Karma?

Answer (well my answer )

Karma means ACTION

Karma is not just about our physical action,  it can be our intention, our feelings and our thoughts.

Types of Karma

  1. Positive Karma
  2. Negative Karma
  3. Netural   Karma

In the simplest form The Law of Karma can be explained as:-

  1. As you sow, so shall you reap
  2. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
  3. What goes around comes around.

The Common Opinon of Karma

When we think of Karma we often think of it as the payment/fruit of negativity or of a bad action.  

We often say it to others it is karma, or we say it too our self.

Parting thought…

If  we take The LAW of Karma to mean “as you sow so shall you reap”. 

It is a bit like gardening, what seeds are you sowing in your garden.  Some plants are annual  and bloom in one season,  some plants flow every season, some trees bare fruit after 10 years.  

So Karma is an action in the form of seed.  The seed could be a physical action, a thought , a feeling or an intention.

The question we need to ask ourself when we think, feel, think and acts – is what seed am I planting, what will be the fruit of this seed I am planting.   If you plant a good seed you will reap it.

Therefore, the understanding what the law of Karma is , gives us full control of our lives and what happens in the future.  Because what I do today and every second from this day forward, will be what I reap in the future.

Therefore, always ask yourself what are you planting,  is it good karma, or negative karma?  What seed I am planting.

Thank you for stopping by I hope you liked this post, please do comment below your thoughts. 

These are my humble thoughts on karma. I am by no means an expert, but, it is something I think about.

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