Meditation Commentary – To Heal and Let Go

Meditation Commentary – To Heal and Let Go

This weeks meditation commentary – To Heal and Let Go.

When we hold on to pain we cannot heal.  We need to let go of all that gives us pain.  We need understand that we are a Peaceful Soul.   We need to declutter ourselves of all negativity within I the soul.    The Soul/Spirit is a point of immortal light, I am a Soul.  This body is just a costume to play a part.  As a Soul I can fly free from the limits of this body and the pain I have held on to.  There is so much within us that holds us back from being free, light and easy.  We are full of sorrow, we chase success and material attainments never realising that we are depleting I the Soul.  Because what we chase only gives us temporary happiness and moves us further away from our true self.  Negativity and pain burdens us, we don’t have the strength to be good, and we take the easy route.  That easy route of negativity and low morals is what brings us deep unhappiness, but we don’t realise it.

This is a beautiful mediation to help you let go and heal that pain, I hope you enjoy.

We are all Spirit/Souls.  The Soul am a point of immortal light.  I am filled with Peace, Joy, Light, Purity, Love, and Wisdom. I hope you enjoy this meditation.

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This meditaion was created by students of Raja Yoga Meditation.

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13 thoughts on “Meditation Commentary – To Heal and Let Go

      1. Yes, I have been doing that for twenty some years. I’m very positive. One person gave an illustration that negative thoughts are like birds. They may fly over our head, as long as they don’t build a nest there!!!!

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