Start Your Day Right with…

When we start our day right, with the right thoughts and not in  a rush we can handle loads.   If in the middle of the day things go a bit off, then remind yourself and set your mood right again.  And even later on in the evening set your mood right.  Meditation is a very good way to do this.  Or saying an affirmation or positive statements like the one below regularly with pen and paper works magic.. try it an see how you feel…

I am …..

Life is good.

It is going to be a good day.

I have the capacity and resilience to manage anything that comes my way and still be peaceful , calm and happy inside.

Test papers come in life only to make me better.

I am good

I am a peaceful powerful Soul.

I know that kindness is worth more than money.

I know being calm and compassionate make me a good person.

I shine.

I am good and I will be a good person.

I am courageous.

I am brave.

I am whole

I have the Divine guiding my every day.

I am a peaceful powerful soul.

I am a wise, I am strong, I am good.

I am a peaceful Soul and child of the Divine, and he is always by my side.

I am whole.

I am …

Thank you for popping by. Let me know how you start your day in the comments below.

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