Karma – Part 2

The previous post, I did a brief introduction to   Karma – Part 1 now I am not an expert, but I think the understanding of Karma, more importantly the law of karma, means we can make the right choices.

Karma means as you sow so shall you reap.  There are three types of karma:-

  1. Positive Karma
  2. Negative Karma
  3. Neutral Karma

We often focus on negative karma.  But, how about focusing on positive? How about we sowing good seeds and reaping good seeds? 

We should always do  good and accumulate in the account of good.  We should walk around with morals and integrity and apply it in our life and make ourself a better person.  But, sometimes it is easier to do what is wrong , but then we accumulate and sow negative karma.   

So, from this we can see karma just doesnt happen, we have a choice.   We have a choice good or bad it is your choice.

The question is whats your choice ?  Good karma or ?

So, you ask what is neutral karma?

Well,  in the most simplest of example, neutral karma is sleeping .  Neutral karma is as the name suggests an action that is neutral has no seed to be reaped.

So, when we accumulate negative we build a negative habit and we sow negative that can be paid back either immediately, years later or even human births later.

So, it is better to do good and accumulate good then life is better, the future is better.  What you today creates your destiny!!!! Your fate your kismeet.   

Nothing in our life is an accident it is a result of our past karma be it in this birth or another.  When negative karma shows up in your life it may not be an exact pay back of the action previously done, but it is payback.

Sow good seeds and you dont have to worry.

The choice is yours, the future is yours.   The action is yours.. What is your choice ?  Negative or Positive?

When we create negative karma , we create a burden, a bank account full of items we have to payback.

But if we create a good bank account, fate, destiny and kismeet are on your side because you did good today..

…. give it some thought… they say think before you speak …..

So… this series on karma will be continued..

I am no expert on karma but i want to understand it…

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