Karma – Part 3 – Last part


Karma is a deep topic. 

This the last of my little investigation/thoughts on Karma.  

Clearly, I am no expert, but I think understanding Karma helps us to choose the right actions and thoughts that leads us to creating positive karma and not negative karma.  Because, if we keep on creating and accumulating negative karma every day, then we are sowing a lot of pain for the future, be it this birth or next.   But, we have a choice to do good every day.

Please do read Part 1 and Part 2 of my thoughts on Karma to help put this post into context.

Karma is not only about what we do to others, or what others do to us.   

Karma is about INTENTION, it is about being present and fully active in our action, thoughts or feelings.  

For example: 

I could eat that last bit of chocolate cake because I didn’t get a piece,  or I had  a piece and I know it is yummy and I want another piece so I taking the cake knowing that my friend hasn’t had a piece.  

From this little example we can see that I was being greedy, and it was not fair and all this game playing for a chocolate cake? 

But, if we are naughty in the little things, it is easy to be naughty on big things.  Even a little bit of greed, is  big deal, because my INTENTION was unfair, selfish, unkind and wrongly motivated and is a negative karmic account.

Another example is wasting water. 

How many of us leave the water running before we brush our teeth, before we put tooth paste on the brush and whilst brushing out teeth.  All we need is a little bit of water on the tooth brush before we brush, we don’t need the tap on before, during or after, only for a little bit may be 3 – 5 times .  But the laziness of closing and opening the tap is too much to do.  But, what about all that water wasted.   It is said if you waste water, then when you need water you won’t have it, or if there is storm you will be washed up in it.      This applies for everything in life, from money, food, water, electricity, gas, etc.… 

Karmic account is not only with people it is the way interact with the earth, animals, and other human beings.    Global Warming is our pay back.

We need to create positive karmic accounts with the earth, animals, air, water, other human being.   We have to live with responsibility.   When we are careless with it all, then we sow pain and natural disasters.  Does that make sense?  

Finally, our thinking also impacts our positive karmic account or negative karmic account.  Though we are not physically acting out what we feel, we are putting negative vibration into the world. 

The law of karma is as you sow so shall you reap.  Are you growing a beautiful flower or are planting and watering crazy ivy that sufforcates !!


What we do today is our DESTINY of tomorrow.   Destiny, Kismet, and Fate– are all based what we do today.  The law of attractions says we attract what we think.   Can you see how big this is, how every choice, thought impact your tomorrow.

We can choose to sweep it under the carpet and pretend it doesn’t work like this, or we can accept it and change our ways and sow the right seeds.  Cause all of know the Law of Attraction works – so then it not that far from Karma.

Life is your choice and your thoughts.

I hope you like my little series on Karma.  The point of these 3 parts on Karma is just to explore Karma and may be change our lives to be positive and responsible instead of believing my life is someone else’s hands  – because my life and future is all what I do or think today.

These are just my thoughts…

What are you planting …. what are you being lazy or greed about…  what are you being good about…

Thank you for popping by, would love to hear your comments down below.  These are just my thoughts ….

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13 thoughts on “Karma – Part 3 – Last part

  1. thats really wonderfull and amazing. love your blog post and writeup. thank you so much for sharing your views and incouraging yoga importance in our daily life. You have the rights to work but no control over the fruit of work. When you do some work with the intention of getting a reward, it can’t be your best. Lord Krishna said to warrior Arjun, “Do your duty with entire focus, energy, and ability without bothering over the results. This is the real essence of Karma Yogi.” visit ourblogfor more details regarding yoga and meditation. keep in touch , happy blogging

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    1. Oh Taveer many. thanks. Karma is such a deep topic and as they say ..what i have attempted to explorer is the tip of the iceberg.. there is sooo much depth to it.. thank you for reading and commenting. Have a lovely Sunday and rest ot the week. Regards bella

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