Top 75 Habit Blogs

Habits are what we repeatedly do.   Do good things then you will good habits.  Do negative things you will have negative habits.  Be lazy and procrastinate you will automatically be lazy as your default position.   Life is your choice, based on your thoughts and feelings and action.  A choice, a action  and a habit is formed.  Nothing in life happens without reason it happens because of choice and habit.

There are of course many types of habits, choices and routines. This is a blog post that list some interesting blogger who talk about different habits from happiness to exercise.

Additionally, has been ranked #51 out of the 75 in this list.   Do pay a visit to the others in the list.  Top 75 Habit Blogs

It is a honour to be ranked  by the team.  It was quite a suprise and I am happy to be recognised / ranked even though I had no clue.

Big thank you to team and all my followers for your support always.


Top 75 Badge

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