Change Your Habits Change Your life.

Are Your Habits Helping You or Putting You Back ?

Our habits make or break us.

Our habits make us happy or sad.

Our thoughts and feelings can be classified as habits.  For example:  are you sad all the time ? Is it because you keep repeating those things that hurt you?

Laziness is habit!

Being Late is habit!   If you go to bed late, keep hitting the snooze button – are you suprised why you are late?    Are you organised at night so that you have everything ready  for the next day?  Do you wake up the same time every day?

Habits, Routines, the way  we think, and the way we feel, it is all connected to our happiness, success and peace in our life.

I would like to share this youtube video that I hope  you find inspiring for Sunday, and will motivate you for the rest of the week and year, and rest of your life.   Do watch the full video including the second half which is most interesting.   I really enjoyed this video and I hope you do to.

Our life is in our hands and in our habits and our thoughts.  It is you who makes it happen or not!


Thank you for stopping by ,I  hope you are inspired and motivated and ready to make stuff happen.!

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9 replies

  1. I like your post about the importance of habits – but don’t really care for the message in the video – the way Teri defines success is different from mine and I had other issues with it. But to each their own and I am sure many will be motivated – I just disagreed with soem of the premise.

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  2. Definitely motivated by this. There’s a lot of truth in the benefits gained from developing new healthy habits. I’ve just finished watching the video and found it interesting, especially the importance of morning routines. Thanks for sharing it Bella.

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