Happiness and Success in the Mundane

Do the regular, mundane, everyday tasks with a lot of interest , enthusiasm and excitement. This will ensure you will do them well, consistently, with enjoyment, and with love.   You will improve and refine that mundane task over time. You will then make it into a  art. See the beauty in doing small things well and you will be happy ,  peaceful and content whenever you do the mundane stuff spectacularly!!!  You will be happy all the time.  The little things matter, happiness in little things leads to happiness in big things.

When we do the chores, the mundane with enthusiasm and excitement, with zeal and a joyful heart, we achieve success and gain a quiet peace of mind and a grounding.  Because in life there are more mundane tasks to be done.  So do them well with vigour and see your world become peaceful, content and harmonious.

Everything in life is a choice, therefore choose well.

Everything in life becomes a habit, so choose well what becomes a habit.

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Originally written in May 2016 revised in Nov 2017

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  1. We must be engrossed in our everyday work, our everyday world.
    Put all of our mind into these simple tasks, let them flood other thoughts away.
    Consider the alternative:
    Dwelling on the troubles of this big world.

    Seek peace,


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