Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet of Emotions & Resilience – What Changes are You Going To Make?

There are a few days left to November, we will soon enter December 2017.  I am honestly left with the feeling of where did 2017 go?   I have achieved so much, but I have also been tested so much.

As I sit down and check the balance sheet and profit and loss of 2017 in – term of my resilience, my emotions,  my success/failures at the emotional tests that have come my way, my routines, my meditation, my being positive, my inner world.  I can see some profit, I can see some loss, I can see some balance and I can see some improvement to be made.  Therefore, from this second I am going to reinvigorate myself, charge myself with positivity and meditation, to build my resilience and just make myself so internally strong with the help of the Divine, Meditation and my personal drive that the losses I have in terms of emotional test, that I am better prepared – because they say a test repeats itself until the lesson is learnt.   And man I want to learn the lesson cause I am fed up of tripping up on the same point, Though I have made massive amounts of progress and profit, it still is not enough to knock it out of my life forever.

So as the birds have gone south, and certain animals hibernate, I am going to from this second work extra hard on what needs more attention, so that I can be balanced in certain storms in my life that I just need to master.

With that said, I am going to turn the heat up on my blog from today up to Christmas day (aka BLOGMAS 2017!– BLOGMAS is effectively blogging every day ).   I want to inspire and motivate myself and hopefully what I share will inspire, motivate you and provide positivity in your life.   I re-read my ABOUT page   to re-inspire myself.

I just feel in the rush of doing we just need to STOP, BREATH, Take STOCK and CHANGE what is not working, and WAKE up to what I am doing wrong and just Stop and Change.  That is what I am going to for me and part of it will be shared on this blog with you.   I hope you will enjoy the journey of inpiration and change.

So today I already posted a blog on  Happiness and Success in the Mundane.  When we fail to do the mundane, the chores , the boring stuff well, it leads to failure in the rest of our lives – well this is what I have seen in my life.

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13 thoughts on “Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet of Emotions & Resilience – What Changes are You Going To Make?

  1. I like how you assess things – which I think is the sign of excellence – and it sounds like you have some nice aims for your blog….
    and for some reason – this year has not flown for me – I have had years zip by – but even having thanksgiving on the 23rd felt like november is lasting longer (as opposed to having it on the 25th – ya know?)


  2. I loved your title!! Indeed it is about the balance of emotions & Resilience. And yes it is so frustrating and amusing at times to me too that I keep tripping at the same points. It takes continual intention to rise above it. Your post is a perfect platform for that.

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