Quotes to Make you Ponder and Wonder

It is that time of the week again, it is quote time.  I almost wasn’t going to post, because I have an almighty head cold and a cold  in general.  I want to sleep but cant cause my nose is blocked…  ooooh pity me… let me remind myself this too shall pass.  Right now it feels like there is no end to the tunnel, but off course I will get well..

So enough about poor old me and my cold..  Here are this weeks quotes.  As always do comment which one you like and why.  Enjoy.



When it comes to this blog of mine, I share what speaks to me, what I think I need to be doing to improve my life.  My motto is ‘our thoughts make us happy or sad’.I hope this selection of quotes , motivates and drives you to change , because I selected them for me for that exact reason.

Speak soon.  Thanks for popping by.

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  1. Beautiful quotes, Bella and you always post such wonderful ones that come so much handy in our day to day life and such good ones to ponder over. Pl. take care and be fit and fine with your cold and health. I loved the first quote so much, thank the Lord for everything, every moment.

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