Meditation Commentary -Creating Pure Karmas

Dear Friends,   It is Wednesday here on my blog, the day I share a weekly meditation commentary.  Today’s commentary is from release your wings youtube channel (it is my fav channel).

So, I have a created a three part series on karma on my blog, quite light touch links included later in this post.

Karma is often a word used to always mean a negative repayment.  But, the law of karma says as you sow so shall you reap.  It is our choice to do good and get good , or not!  It is always a choice always!

Being mean to another is our ego/jealous/fear!  Thinking we never have to pay for our meaness is silly.  And then when it is the time  to pay  for our meanness we says it is karma, and that just is just the way life is,, no skin off my noise, so what no big deal!.

But, we have a CHOICE, a CHOICE to do good – honestly we do!  Frankily, not to be present in our life, in our choices and in our actions.  Thinking, that  it is fine to be  mean, greedy, jealous or whatever the reason is for not being good is a choice we make.   The law of karma is open to all of us, it say hey you have a choice, good or bad , you have a choice.    So please just be good for your sake and that indirectly will make the world a better place.

I am so passionate about being a good person always and I FEEL  there is no excuse to be anything but good all the time.  Why would we ever be cruel -why, what is the point of it.  Do we not live to be of character and integrity – do we not ?

There are times we get so hurt it breaks us..  I shared this quote on yesterday blog post and this quote is another example of the law of karma because being attached to pain in  our heart, in our thougths ; may be we don’t act on it, but, we feel it quietly inside we create a karma (a vicious circle of pain .  I hope that makes sense).  The feeling they should pay, they should feel – but not physically acting on it; is still a negative karma.. and this quote puts it beautifully.

“If you focus on the hurt, you will continue to suffer but if you focus on the lesson you will continue to grow.” -Unknown

So, sow good and reap good – it is so simple.  Why create a margin to reap a negative, why , why, why would you do that to yourself.!!.   So,  I hope you get what I am saying with no offense take and I hope this meditation gives you food for thought and WE change our negative tendancies ( we all have them)..   Sorry for the rambling post, I get a bit worked up on this topic!

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This is my weekly blogging schedule to all those new to my blog.   But, right now I am blogging every day because I have taken up the blogmas challenge (to blog every day upto Christmas day)

My ethos for blogmas this year is explained in this blog post. Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet of Emotions & Resilience – What Changes are You Going To Make?

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  1. Words of reality, Bella and I absolutely agree when we say all is Karma. It sure is but we too need to make proper choices in life and it is really nice to work on our negatives every moment to live a beautiful stress free life. Great you kept the quote it is so apt with the words. I got another beautiful quote today by Osho: ‘Get Out of Your Head, Get Into Your Heart, Think Less and Feel More.’ Powerful words.

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