Dear Friends ,  Sorry I am a bit late in posting this Friday’s quotes.  I am still recovering from being unwell, but I returned to work this week and I was so exhausted yesterday and today.   Anyway. ….here the quotes are, as always which one is your favourite



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    • Aww thank you so much. I am much better, but when the air con keep blowing it really is a killer, today it was much better. But wednesday it was too cold.. i am having an early night. We have realky cold weather in the uk this year. Is it cold where you live?


      • It’s freezing also here in US. Temperature drop below 32 Fahrenheit during the night. But it’s still sunny or rainy during the day. It’s endurable lol. Please stay warm, rest enough, drink lots wAter and eat some soup. My homemade remedy for that is ginger tea plus honey and lime.

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  1. Oh Bella sorry to hear you were not feeling well! I’m happy to hear you are on the mend. Hope you feeling all well soon. My favorite is “Opportunities multiply as they are seized” love that one!!

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  2. Oh Bella I love this! Particularly the quote on inner mastery, so great. ❤

    I’ll be on a spiritual retreat at a gorgeous place in CA for two weeks, so I’ll be off blogging for a bit. A lot of the retreat is about opening to a deeper level of mastery actually!

    I hope you have a beautiful few weeks. Please feel free to contribute to #ForgivingFridays again if you want to & I can share it when I return. Blessings and love to you Bella!

    ps – it’s really fun to read these quote blogs – I love being surprised and touched as I scroll down them. 🙂

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