Meditation Commentary – Peaceful Transitions


Dear Friends,  It is Wednesday, meditation commentary day here on my blog.   Today I share another commentary from release your wings youtube channel.  I specifically share meditations created by students if Raja Yoga Meditation.

Thus is a beautiful meditation that connects us to I the Soul and the Divine, that makes us cool and calm as we go through the changes in life.

Meditation is the tool to recharge I the Soul and Slow down our thoughts and make our thoughts powerful, positive and peaceful.

Meditation is visualisation, empowering.  Meditation is not clearing your mind of all thoughts , that is imposdible because the mind must think.  Meditation is about changing the type and speed of thought.  Raja Yoga Meditation teaches open eyed meditation, meaning you can meditate anywhere; including your commutes to work on public transport, at your desk, anywhere.. I often meditate on the London Underground – seriously

Hope you enjoy this meditation.


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