A Dabble in Drabble!

A Dabble in Drabble,

So most of you know that I am essentially a non-fiction, self-help, positive thinking, meditation sharer type of writer.    I don’t classify myself as a writer at all.  Sometimes, I wonder why I started this blog at all as I am a terrible writer.

Anyway, I had the pleasure of reading a fellow blogger post today about what is Drabble?  Irwin, is a great blogger his post always have me in stitches. Please do check out his post on what is Drabble click here to visit Irwin.

But in short Drabble is fiction in a 100 words.  Well, now that sounded appealing to me as a non-fiction person, I thought I can do that.

So, here goes my first Dabble at Drabble and Fiction attempt.  Do give me your honest thoughts cause I am not sure if this a drabble, or just a paragraph of bigger story?    The last time I wrote fiction was…. And it started  … Once upon a time ….lol 

So here goes the drabble or is it a babble?


Victory Over a Constant Inner Battle

Anne sat there astonished but not hurt.  The words were mean and heartless.  Anne was not hurt by the words.  Anne, would normally have felt as if a dagger was being stabbed through her heart and she would crumble, but not this time. Anne was proud of herself.  However, Anne was astounded by the other person’s ability to say a cruel almost curse like statement.   Anne felt pity for the other person, as they did not feel inside of themselves “what am I saying”, it was astounding!  Anne walked away knowing she had won a very strong inner battle.

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14 thoughts on “A Dabble in Drabble!

    1. I really liked the story, but the use of the name Anne was used too much. We know who you were speaking about from the beginning. If anything, I may have used her name only one more time.
      Again, the story is good. Practice, practice, practice. I’m far from a great writer, but I never give up learning new techniques, and reading other peoples blogs, and books.
      Good Read!

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  1. P.S. I tried the link but it wouldn’t work for some reason. So I copied and pasted and it worked fine. Not sure why??? Nice piece – thanks for bringing that site to my attention!

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