Let Us Get Inspired for 2018

Dear Friends,

I am still on a blogging break until Wednesday 10th Jan 2018.  But,  I tought as we approach 2018, a lot of us will be trying to figure out what we want to achieve, or resolve in 2018.  I love Robin Sharma when it comes inspiring motivation, drive, and opening my world to how to make life happen.    For more inspiration visit My Inspiration Page.

For now I leave you with a Youtube video by Robin Sharma that I often relisten to, I hope you enjoy it.  Also, below I link a few of my old blog post that might help you find inspiration in finding what you want to achieve in 2018.

And in your journey to figure out what it is you want achieve in 2018, I really encourage you to think about, Journalling, Meditation, Affirmation, Gratitude , Intention and Routines.   I would like to link a few blog post I have written on these topics to inspire you.

Finally,  whilst I am  still on my blogging break You can also find me on…. other social media.



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