Quotes – 2018 1

Quotes  inspire and empower us. They provoke within something that could be quite life changing.  Or the create a light bulb moment that says to us OMG I never thought like that.

Here is this weeks selection as always comment below which one you liked and if at all any OMG moment  happened.

quote jan 1

Now, what is Socrates saying to us.   Is he saying, that we could be so full with the thoughts of others, that we are walking around and living life per what the world says.  Obviously, we will be influenced with what is around us and the company we keep, what we read and what we hear.   However, if we take time out to be silent with our own thoughts, if we journal, if we meditate, if we listen to ourselves, we will indeed find who we are and will realise something so profound.  We might even fall in love with ourself and appreaciate ourselves more, not in an arrogant way, but in a beautiful way.  And we will grow an inner strenght like no other, and life will become beautiful and we will be graceous to ourself and other.   Well, those are my thoughts on this quote which one of my favourites from this week.

quote jan 2

Now this quote I love too, because I believe we are all immortal souls, and this body enables us to experience life. We existed before this body and after this body is what I believe.

quote jan 3

Friendship, is a pure love, similiar to that of family.  We love all the world as friends as family, then there would be harmony in the world.  And what a wonderful place this would be for all human beings?

quote jan 5

Mistakes, are not mistakes if we learn from them. They are an opportunity to learn from  and not repeat them.  But, as Mr Ford points out it is a mistake if we don’t learn or change.  And one can add, if it repeated is that foolish, laziness or is that then deliberate?

quote jan 4

I love this Quote, because it say to the child the young adult, or even the old adult, you are responsible for your life!   Too many of us put out lives responsibility on others, even the governments !  But, hey it is your life and you gotta make it right that is if you aren’t too lazy!  Harsh I know, but sometime we gotta kick ourselves up the back side – don’t you think?

I hope you enjoy the first selection of quotes for  2018.

Thanks for popping by.  Please like, share, comment or subscribe.  Do comment which quote got you thinking!

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19 replies

  1. I agree – Quotes can act as light bulbs and also sometimes life changers. Words have magical power to transform perspectives. My favorite above is the one from Wayne Dyer – being a Soul with a Body – is so profoundly helpful true perspective.

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  2. They are all fabulous quotes, but the last one, by Anne Frank, is very profound. I know too many parents who, even though their children are grown (in their late 20’s & 30’s) still think they have to protect them from all of life’s rough patches. We should support our family and friends with our love, but they need to learn to deal with life on their own or they will never mature spiritually and emotionally. It is only from challenges that we become strong and learn to deal with life. Anne Frank was just a young teen, yet she had wisdom beyond her years. One can only believe that it was because of all the hardship she had to endure.

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  3. Bella Wonderful
    Wonderful Bella
    See the difference it makes.
    But I like both and address as so.
    The Quotes you have shared are extremely beautiful.
    The one I liked was of Henry Ford’s.
    It is so true that we learn something from anything, so the mistake would be not to learn from the one…
    More from YOU
    Best Wishes and Blessings

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  4. I like the Henry Ford one best, although they are all wonderful. The “mistakes” in life can be powerful methods of character building and life changes. If we embrace them and allow ourselves to grow from them.

    Thanks, Bella. I look forward to more quotes

    Be blessed

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