Affirmations and Positive Thoughts

Affirmations and Positive Thoughts

Affirmations help blow low self esteem out off the water.  Affirmation are a positive statement, that help change the way we automatically think.  They fill us with a new energy, a new mindset and help us banish negativity.    Affirmation, is a daily practise, so don’t expect  to be forever happy if you only practise this for one day.  It is so important to always try to change a negative feeling into a positive one.  Even if it feels impossible.  Eventually you will break the habit of negative thinking and you will feel so better.


Though you may not believe the affirmations at first, you will see that magic happens when you repeat these affirmations daily.

Magic happens, especially when you take a pen and paper and write them down and repeat them 7 ot 21 times, in one session.  A bit like writing lines.   If you repeat this method daily for 21 days or longer,  you will change and become  more  positive  and you won’t even realise it.

Surround yourself with affirmation and positivity daily, and banish negativity and low self worth from your life forever.

An affirmation is a statement that starts with ” I am…..”.    It should be a positive statement and have no negative tones or words.  I could be about something you are struggling with right now or something you want to become.    By writtng affirmation out daily and repeating them 21 times, you create a new pattern of thinking and you break away from an old negative one.  Indirectly, you become stronger and more resillient without realising it.   It will become such a habit that one day you will find yourself saying I am bored of all this negative thinking and will automatically swap it for a positive thought and feeling.

Below I share a few affirmation and some positive food for thought, that you can pracitce or implement in your life.  Or  better still make up your own and practise them and see the magic happen.    I created these for my instagram site, and I often share such thoughts on instagram and my blog.  Please feel free to download any of these for yourself or share with others, but please acknowledge my work.

I really hope these become useful to you and that you try writing and repeating affirmation daily be it these or the ones you create.   It works believe me it works, as one of my ethos of this blog is to share what has changed my life, or what I am trying to use to change my life.  I started affirmation over 12 years ago and It really has changed my life for the better.  Of course we have off moments, but they are only moments they don’t last forever like they previously did.

Speak to yourself lovingly, positively, use Affirmations as a Law of Attraction Tool, and your world will definately become better – without a doubt.



Here are a few positive words that you could surround yourself with.


Some more affirmations


Some more positive words to surround yourself with.


Some more affirmations


Finally, when you feel so low and you just want to curl up, read and write this and you will be fine again.


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