Quotes 2018, 2

Here are this week’s quote selection and I hope they make us (including me) ponder and inspire us to step into our full potential.

  1. Do not let hardships leave us on the floor, get up and learn what needs to be learnt, and live again.
  2. Encouraging us  to step out of our comfort zone, and step into our fear and disable that fear forever.
  3. Learning to accept certain things in life for what they are, so that we can live a full, peaceful and happy life.  There are aspects to our life we don’t like, but wisdom says those are things we can’t change!  Better to accept, let go and move on, otherwise we paralysis our life  and we hurt our own self.

quote 19th Jan -1quote 19th Jan -2quote 19th Jan -3

Our thoughts, feelings, actions and mind our powerful.  They can either make us happy or sad.  But, we own them, so to be a master of ourself we must be mindful of how we think!

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