Goals and Resolutions. But, I keep failing! Change Your Perspective and Achieve.

Goals and Resolutions. But, I keep failing! Change Your Perspective and Achieve.

We all make New Year goals, aims and resolutions.  We know from the past that some have been successful, and some have flopped.  May be more have flopped.  May be we gave up too early?  May be we need to change concept of ‘New’ and the lenght of time of  ‘New’?  May be we need to stop waiting for motivation to come?   May be motivation is created by doing (ask Nike says ‘Just Do It’).

Let us Challenge Our Perspective of Time and the Word New.

If we see each second as New, each minute as new, each hour as new and each day as new, it could allow us to be more successful.   If we see the day as made of three parts,  morning , afternoon and evening, we have three opportunites  in a day to start a new.

How To Start Again When We Feel We are failing at Goal

If the morning  was a bit off, we have the afternoon and the evening to start again.  Likewise, we can look at weeks and months in the same way and in that we create many opportunities to start a new, or restart something that seems to be going a bit off.

If we failed yesterday, we have today.  If we failed in the morning we have the afternoon and evening.  If Monday and Tuesday where right off’s we have Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and the weekend.  If the beginning of the month was a bit rubbish, may be week 3 of the month is a new start.   If the first quarter of the months just went mad, we still have the rest of the year.    But, if we use each day wisely in three parts, and we use tomorrow wisely and the week wisely, we will never have a quarter that is to bad.

Do you see it is not all or nothing. There are many opportunities to start again and start new.  The New Year is NOT the only opportunity to start a fresh.  Actually every 30 minutes is an opportunity to start a New and succeed.

How Long Is Minute ?

Stupid question I hear you say.  60 seconds is minute. But that is the theory.  But, really do you know how long a minute is in reality?  What does a minute feel like.  Do we understand how long a minute is?  I really doubt any of us know what a minute is any more.  Because, of our smart phones I think we have lost the concept of what can  be achieved in minute.  I think most of us confuse a second with a minute. I challenge you to spend a minute washing plates, or doing a tidy,  then spend 10 mins on these tasks, and then 20 minutes.  You will learn a valuable lesson.  We all need to learn and remind ourselves of this including me.  We all put off  task because we think it will take too much time.  But, it really won’t because we have lost the concept of what minute is.

Why have we lost the concept of what a minute is?  Answer:  mobile phones, social media, notification, we are so wired that we feel we must respond to everything ASAP.   We have become notification and immediacy junkies, that we really don’t know what  minute is anymore.   I know, because I have been there and luckily I broke myself out of it.

We Can Achieve A Lot More In A Day

Actually, very few notificaton are urgent in our life!  Because of this messed up concept that we face because of mobiles, we  are not using our days , hours and half hours wisely.

There are 24 hours in a day, let’s say  that 17 of those hours you are awake.  8 hours at work, a couple of hours on the commute to work and back. There about 6 hours free in a day,  may be take away 2 hours for eating , bathing etc   leaving four hours a day.     Four hours is a lot of time to achieve a goal or an aim.  By breaking tasks into baby steps and spending 20 minutes a day or longer, you can achieve in may be only 2 hours a day.  But, the problem is that get stuck on social media or TV or something and we waste time. Then the guilt of not doing sinks in and we get lazy and we procrastinate.

How To Achieve Your New Goals – Even When You Can’t Be Bothered.

If you have three goals for 2018, and you break each goal into baby steps to achieve per month, then do a bit a day even if  30 minutes per day, you will be successful at your goals.  You may not fully realise them, but you will get further than any other year, or you will create so much drive that you will realise them, because you have found how you waste time.

Just Do IT –  Action creates motivation.  Motivation doesn’t just happen.

We feel some people are more motivated and more successful then us.  But , they frankily just work harder and push themselves more.  They know if they don’t, they will  fall into laziness.   You see,  we are all the same when it comes to living, learning , laziness and motivation. It is just that some people push themselves harder.  I have had many successes when  I push myself and I have been equally lazy.   So, I say from my experience,  your action or lack of action determines your success or lack off.

The Point Of This Post

The point of this post is to help you gain a proper respect for time, know how you waste time, and that action, hard work, tenacity, perservance are the key to success.  That, a mountain is not climbed in one day, it is a baby step process and a bit of planning and a lot of hard work.  So don’t give up too early on your resolutions and goals, give them a fair shot and realise who you are.If laziness is strong habit, then you must keep on  working hard to break it.   It is important to Understand, that if you failed yesterday you have today, if you failed last week you have this week,  or if you failed last month you have this month, and see every minute, every  hour, every day , every morning, afternoon and evening as a new chance to get it right and you will get it right and you make steps forward in 2018.   You need to know how to breathe in NEW Life to your Goals.   I often have a rubbish morning and then I get myself into gear and I rock the afternoon.

I hope this post inspired you to see time,  a new minute, a new hour,  a new day in a different light.   To help you keep the motivation you had in the New Year.  That this post helps you to motivate yourself to be successful to achieve your goals. But never forget some of the most lesson are in the journey, it is not the destination that reaps success  – it is the journey.   Meaning, you don’t always have reach the destination as the wisdom required was achieve in the journey.





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32 thoughts on “Goals and Resolutions. But, I keep failing! Change Your Perspective and Achieve.

  1. Wonderfully inspiring post Bella. So many good points and I have to admit that I’m often guilty of time wasting too. Writing down goals and lists is definitely one way to stay motivated. And I can’t agree more with you that we always get another chance to start again. Great post.


    1. Hi Miriam, Thank you. There are so many chances in a single day to start again. We forget that and we get stuck in something and then the burden of noting weighs us down. I am so glad you liked this post. Oh time wasting we all do it! but once we are aware we do it we need to work on stopping it. Happy Sunday and enjoy the rest of the week. Regards Bella

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