We seem to go about life on some sort of Autopilot.

Is the Autopilot intelligent?

Or is it a Zombie Autopilot?

Or a Robot programmed Autopilot?

Are we wake or are we walking around sleeping?

Are we conscious or are we the walking dead?

We are the Soul in this body.

But, we seem to behave as someone else is driving our ship!

What is this autopilot we are on?

What automatic flight plan are we on?

Do we want to go on this automatic flight plan ?

Or is there is magnetic energy that has us stuck to this AutoPilot?

The Autopilot say, get more stuff cause your neighbour or colleague has stuff, it will make you happy.  Okay, I did what the autopilot said.  But, wait I am still  not happy?  I keep repeating this same cycle, and still happiness and peace doesn’t come. Hey, Autopilot I think you are wrong.

quote jan 2

Hey, I the Soul, it now is the time for you wake up!  To start living!  Grab yourself by the collar and shake yourself.  Make yourself wake up from this zombie,  this automic comma of life.

We can only  start to live when we connect to ourself to I The Soul, The Divine, The World, to others.   There is much more to life that being the same. There is more to life than thinking oh this job, oh I wish.

Living is when I am awake each second and when I make myself better than I was an hour ago.  Better does not mean money or things, it means being a nicer person to my self and others.   It means being kind and loving.   It means sitting in solitude and really being you and know you. It means facing pain but not letting the pain of life kill our character our goodness.

Living means learning and being good always no matter what life brings.  It means always striving to be better and better with each passing hour.  Not because the world is watch, no !  Because, you owe to you The Soul, to be the best you can be in this birth making your next birth extra ordinary.

In improving your character and integrity today, each day of you life  will be great. We are all Peaceful  Loving Souls a point of pure light and of sheer goodness.  But, by being on some random autopilot we have dulled our light so much that the world is in the state it is.

quote jan 1

So let us wake up and live and share our peace and goodness with ourself and others.  Yes, money is a vital part of life, but Money is not LIFE, it gives us facilities but it does not buy a good character. To be a live is to have good character in the sun and in the storm no matter what.  Remember you are a Soul having a Human Experience.

How to stop this autopilot: Try Mediation, Try Journaling , Try to read positive books, blog post etc. Not only  should we read, but  we should change are bad autopilots.


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30 thoughts on “AutoPilot

  1. I’m with you Bella. Turn off the auto pilot and give yourself the freedom to control your own life. We can accomplish so much more when we don’t just go through the same routine day after day. Step out and be different I say.

    Be blessed

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  2. This was a fantastic read! I think it’s important more than ever to actively practice mindfulness and being present so our children and future generations don’t get caught in the trap of being stuck on autopilot too. Thanks for sharing! 😊

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    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. You are right that what we do today impacts future generations. If we create the right mindset now, not only do we change our present , we change our future. Thank you for visiting. Happy Sunday. Have a great week. Regards Bella

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    2. I so agree. I really enjoyed that. I run my own business, have managed to stay married 24 years and brought up two children into young adulthood. People think of me as being self confident but after some soul searching last year, turns out my self esteem was on the floor, hidden wonderfully by its cousin, self confidence 😱
      My lessons learned all autumn were about precisely what this wonderful post is all about.
      Recognising why we continue to do activities through habit without pausing to assess whether whey actually add to our overall well-being.
      Writing a blog is my new ‘me-time’ ..
      So glad you shared your thoughts.
      Happy Sunday 🌸

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      1. Thank you for sharing your experience. It is so wonderful when realise what we were doing and we change what is not right. I think most us are autopilot at some point in life. I am glad you have me time in blogging, it is great way to find you.

        I also weekly meditations and in the second week of feb i am planning to share meditation for two weeks to replace my normal blogging schedule. Meditation is a great way reconnect with yourself, so may wish to join in. Happy sunday. Have a great week. I am so glad ypu enjoyed this blog post. And thank you again for your wonderful comment. Regards Bella

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  3. A great read and powerful article on who r we in this body and beyond this body, Bella. Awesome post and great quotes of wisdom too. Yes we r all Souls going through a autopilot existence and experience until we realize that we r not body but souls. Thanks for the share.

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