Meditation Commentary – The Art of Decisions

How to make the right decision from a positive place rather than a negative reactive place.  Our decision shape our life from where we experience happiness or sorrow.  We are all Soul, Spiritual Energy, we are more than how we currently live our life.

Practising Silence daily through meditation allows you to clear you mind of rubbish.  When you have a clear mind then you can make better decisions.  Sometimes, life says you need to change, learn to lean into that decision, take small steps into it.  Pay attentions to the signs along the road.   Trust that the universe will reveal the decision to you.

This is a really power meditation, you may wish to relisten to it every day for  a week and let it work its magic on you.   When a decision feels right, you know it is right as you will be content.

I hope you enjoy this meditation commentary.  This meditation was created by Release Your Wings – YouTube Channel.


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