Super Charge Your Meditation from 11th Feb to 25th Feb 2018

Dear Friends,   I am excited to  annouce a little meditation challenge I will be running on my blog from the 11th Feb  to 25th Feb 2018.  I post 3 times a week, of which one is a meditation commentary, but for this period  all my posts will be a meditation commentarty for you to practise once or twice a day.  I have also created a tracker for you to record your progress and help you on your journey.   I hope you will join the challenge and that you will have a magical two ish weeks.

Meditation is a great habit to create as part of your daily routine, it will allow you to find inner peace, balance, and calmness.  You will become more focused, peaceful and you will make better decisions.

To get you into the mood here is a beautiful Meditation Commentary, that can be found on Youtube.

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    • Well , these meditations are on you tube already and I am just sharing anothers work that is linked to Raja Yoga Meditation. I have benefited from Raja yoga meditation since i was ten , and i want to share what I believe is uplifting and inspiring for all of us.


  1. Bella I’m definitely looking forward to this, Iv mentioned to you before how I love your commentary and I’m looking to strengthen my meditations. Thankyou Bella for sharing:)

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