Effective Decision Making


Dear Friends,   I totally love this video and I agree with all that is said in this video.

When our thoughts and life our jumbled up, it is hard to think clearly.  When we can’t think clearly then all our decision will lead us to unhappiness.

I have implemented all these points in this video  and I have seen great peace and great success.  I may not always be successful, but it all helps. It is an eye-opener video and when you try it, It will definately work.

This is another video by the youtube channel Release Your wings.

I hope you enjoy this and would love to know your thoughts on this video, so please do comment below.

Thanks for visiting.  See you soon.

Feature Images:  http://www.freeimages.com

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    • Most sensible approach. You are absolutely right -“can be disastorious “. Thank you for reading and view the video on this post and commenting. I love hearing and reading comments and thoughts of other, how else do we widen our knowledge. Thank you

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  1. I have learned to never make a decision when I am angry… especially with social media. (Absolute 24 hour wait period.) I think when my hubby and I were planning a big life change we worked towards it but kept seeing the signs pointing us to the ‘right’ decision. I liked this video, she is so calm and at peace. (Definite goal.) Love and behavior! Very interesting.~Kim

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    • Hi Kim, thank you. That is wonderful that you could see the signs on that big decision.so glad you liked this. Yes she is so calm and it is a beautiful video. It is brillant video and it is true sitting on a decision really saves the day. I have seen it work in my life.

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