The Sweet Song of The Divine to His Children

If you hold his hand, he will hold yours.

If you give him your burdens, he will take them.

But, we keep walking alone we forget to take his support.

He says to you, oh my child, I am here for you.  Give me your burden and become free.  Hold my hand and make me your companion.  Learn the goodness from me and share it.  Remember me, be connected to me, let the Peace in me, flow in you.  Let me carry you my child.  Let me heal you,  my long lost child.  Take my hand.  Speak to me.  Connect to me The Divine, as you The Soul.  Through deep meditation connect your intellect/mind with I The Divine, let my pure energy revive you and reawaken you the Soul (that is, the child of God.)

We are Children of the one God. We are all Souls , immortal, points of light.  We take a body and we forget we are Souls. The Divine, is the supreme Soul who never takes a body.  He comes to pick us when we have fallen so low.   His sweet song to his children is, remember me, reawaken your goodness, give me your burdens, you are a Soul not this body.  You are pure, peace and divine.  You are the idols of Divine human being you worship.    Smooth your heart in I the ocean of peace.  Let me take you back home to the Soul world, but first connect with me and heal.  My long lost and now found sweet child.


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Image , or created by me.

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