Let us Explore the Benefits of Meditation – With Theory and Practise. – Super Charging Your Meditation – Two Week Challenge – Day 1

Super Charging Your Meditation – Two Week Challenge

There are many forms of meditation.  Meditation is available to all.  The longer you meditate the more benefits are realised.   Meditation becomes easier with time

Meditation helps one focus, become peaceful, and remain calm in difficult situations.  It creates an aura of peace around you, and the environment in which you meditate.

Meditation helps us re-discover our self and our inner peace.  Meditation is free from rituals and mantras.  I practice Raja Yoga Meditation, which teaches “open eyed” meditation, which effectively means, you can meditate anywhere at any time.  Open Eyed Meditation, allows you tap into peace at any time, and fill yourself with that peace at any time.  With open eyed meditation you can meditate on the train, at your desk or in a waiting area, it doesn’t have to be in one place only.  Additionally, when your eyes are open you are more focused and less likely to fall asleep!

Having, said that you can find a spot in your home where you meditate daily, as that will help you grow your meditation practise, and it will change the aura of your home and you.  Your home will become a peaceful sanctuary.  But, like I said open eyed meditation means you can meditate anywhere and I encourage you try and meditate at your desk at work for a few minutes just before a difficult situation or after.

Most of us are in the Habit of rushing around like crazies all the time.  We forget to press the pause button several times in a day.  The more you pause the crazy button with Meditation, the deeper your mediation practise will become.


You will be able to calm yourself faster.  You will be calmer in general, you will not want to speak unnecessarily and all your negative and wasteful ways will fall apart.   Material success, or position in society will no longer matter as you have found yourself and your inner peace.

Here are a few of the Benefits of Meditation

  1. Increased Focus & Concentration
  2. Increased Inner Calm and Peace
  3. Increased Self Respect
  4. Increased Accurate Decision Making & Discernment
  5. Increased ability to filter out what is useful and what is wasteful
  6. Increased Silence
  7. Decrease In Waste and Negative thoughts and actions
  8. You become more compassionate to yourself and others
  9. You become more giving and benevolent
  10. You become more full and positive
  11. Increased health and happiness
  12. What would hurt you intensely will become Water off a duck back.
  13. Your ego, anger, greed etc all lose their hold. You become altruistic and selfless.
  14. Meditation makes you more resilient to life
  15. Meditation helps you connect with I The Soul and The Divine.
  16. Meditation polishes your rough edges.


Life is one big habit.  Getting angry and upset is one big habit.  Being happy is one big habit.

Daily Meditation can be a habit and a daily routine.    I try to meditate in the morning and the evening.  In the day I try to do what is called Traffic Control click here to find out more about Traffic Control.   When I miss a meditation session I can feel the difference.

If we want peace of mind than we need to prioritise time for silence & meditation.

What Meditation is NOT

One thing to note Meditation IS NOT about silencing you mind. The Mind’s function is to think. But, the issue is the volume of thoughts that we have in one minute, and the type of thoughts and feelings we have.   When we have more calm, peace and positive thoughts and less waste thoughts, we feel balanced and happy.   Meditation makes you more resilient to life.

Super Charge Our Meditation Practise

I like to intensify my mediation and positive thinking several times a year, call it super charging the inner peace.   The way to do this, is to up the times and dedication to meditation for either a month or a few weeks.  What this does, it allows you stock up peace, calmness and silence, in your life store cupboard for use later, it allows you up your mediation and calmness, and finally you learn more about yourself and you find a sweet inner peace that no one can steel.

So, I have decide that all my blog post for the next two weeks will be all meditation commentaries, and I hope you will come along on the journey to meditating daily or at least 3 time a week with the meditations I share here on my blog.  I generally share meditation weekly (on a Wednesday), but the next two weeks and one day will be super charged.

I have created a little Tracker for you should you wish to use it to help you track your meditation progress, you should be able to click on it and down load it. Meditation Tracker

Here are some useful meditation pages

  1. What is Raja Yoga Meditation
  2. How to Meditate
  3. Meditation Commentaries.

Finally, Here is a meditation to start you going on this challenge, this meditation has been taken from Youtube. A meditation image can be a candle.

Thanks for popping by I hope you enjoy this challenge.  Please like, share, subscribe or comment.

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27 replies

    • Hi Anita, I agree meditation is a communication with God and I in my truest self. I hope that you enjoyed today’s meditation and the 6 that I have lined up for the next two weeks. You might like the Valentines one especially. Well you might like them all. I really hope that you enjoy the meditations shared and to be shared and that your connection with yourself and God reach a new height of pure bliss and pure constant contentment. Happy Sunday. Regards Bella


  1. Hello Bella, I listened to this mediation and a few others I love the ones you pick and share. The part that I can relate the most in your post is how you mention the habit of rushing around like crazy, that has been me lately and last night just listening to the mediation commentary really relaxed me, so Thankyou for sharing this, look forward to the ones to come 🙂

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