Meditation Commentary – Ocean Of Love – Part of Super Charge Your Meditation Challenge. – Day 2

Dear Friends,

As part of the two week super charge your meditation challenge, please find below the first meditation to practise.  All the meditations I will share have been created by those who practise Raja Yoga Meditation.   I have practised Raja Yoga Mediation since I was 10 years old and there is great benefit in it.

I have created aMeditation Tracker to help you on this challenge.

Today is valentines.  Happy Valentines to you all.  What is love to you?  What is Altruristic love.

Altruristic  love

Is a love that is not physical.

A love that is full and whole.

A love of a parent and a child.

An unbreakable love.

A love that makes you full, wise ,content, whole and independant.

A love that is freeing and healing.

A love that is liberating and generous.  With no selfish motive ,no attachment.

A love that is supporting  that inspires you to be the best you can be.

Not a physical love.

A pure, clean, humble, giving and full love.

A love that lifts your spirit.

A love of the self, and the divine.

A love of humanity, A love of all.

A love where I the Soul realises I am more than this body, I am spirit, and God is Spirit, and it is his love that makes me whole.  That makes me understand when I search for physical love, I have lost my inner love for myself , I  have lost the love of God and I search for it in the physical only to get into a deeper tangle of attachment.

I hope you enjoy this meditation and are able to connect with The Divine, the ocean of love.  Keep on practising this meditation daily, until the next meditation commentary is posted.

This meditation is from the YouTube channel Release Your Wings.

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