Meditation Commentary -Create the Landscape of Your Life – Part of Super Charge Your Meditation Challenge. – Day 5

As part of the two week Super Charge Your Meditation Challenge, please find the next meditation commentary you can practise daily, or twice a day.

If we meditate daily, we influence our thoughts and we create wonders in our internal world.  When we are peaceful, we create a piece of beautiful art work, that art work is our life!  Paint a beautiful life, practise meditation and connecting with your trueself daily.

I also created a Meditation Tracker for you to help you track your progress.

This meditiation is from the Youtube Channel Release Your Wings.  Enjoy

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  1. Another lovely meditation Bella. I’m so enjoying all these meditations you’re sharing. Sometimes I’m enjoying them so much I wish they were longer. Thank you. A wonderful series 💕

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