Meditation Commentary – Release Anger – Part of the Super Charge Your Meditation Challenge. – Day 6

As part of the two week Super Charge Your Meditation Challenge, please find the next meditation commentary you can practise daily, or twice a day.

Anger strips us our peace, it creates within us pain and we feel we can’t solve anything.  But, when I take time to meditate I can heal myself and over time Anger goes away.

All the meditations I will share have been created by those who practise Raja Yoga Meditation.   I have practised Raja Yoga Mediation since I was 10 years old and there is great benefit in it.

I also created a Meditation Tracker for you to help you track your progress.

This meditiation is from the Youtube Channel Release Your Wings.  Enjoy

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Youtube video has not been created by me and all credits go to the creator.


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    • Kim, baby steps, little by little , then one day it will be like “oh i didnt get angry”. It works eventually. Sometime we hold on to a pain and all it does is poison our mind and body. But, i do get why it can be hard at certain times in life, have been there, and have also seen the miracle of meditation and letting go. Baby steps.

      You know Kim, we all go through dipping the toe and pulling it out. And we try again and again and one day it clicks in a beautiful way.

      Take easy and slow. When the time is right.

      I hope i make sense.

      Hugs 🤗

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