5 Tips – On Being Positive

5 Tips On Being Positive

I read a post that said being positive is not easy.  It is true it is not easy.  To be positive daily is hard,  but it is possible.

We have a habit of being negative.  We need to break that habit.  We need to change negative into positive.  We need to break the thought patterns.

Tip 1:  Repeating affirmation

Taking a pen and paper and writing out affrmations and repeating them like lines, makes positivity a bit easier.  As this act of writing and repeating rewires our minds and brains to think more positively.

For Example:

I am calm, confident, everyone loves me and is agreeable with us all the time.  Life is great and everything is great.

If I repeat writing this 7 times in one go and repeat it 3 times a day or 21 days   Or better still write it 21 times, 3 times a day for a month.  Magic will happen.

This a very interactive way of implenting the law of attraction in your life.

Tip 2: say to yourself or write.  There is benefit in everything.

Everything that is difficult in life has come to teach me something.  I can ride the wave.  It is good.  All will be and is well.  I can handle it.  It will not last.  It will repeat until I learn the lesson and I will learn the lesson.   There is benefit in everything.

Stop taking it personally.

Tip 3 – List Your Successes.

Write all your successes daily to remind yourself, that you have pulled yourself out of a low moment.  Do this weekly again pen and paper /journal.

You are good.

Tip 4  Journal and let go of your pain.

Life will chuck horrible stuff at you, but you can and have been successful before -remember that.

Tip 5. Be grateful for 10 things daily.  These can be the smallest of things.

We all to often feel lacking in our life, but we have a lot more than we realise.  This activity reminds you of this and doing it daily breaks the automatic thinking.

Parting thought:  if we do these activities daily , we can rewire ourselves to be positive come what may.

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