5 Tips – On Being Positive


I read a post that said being positive is not easy.  It is true it is not easy.  To be positive daily is hard,  but it is possible. But, then it depends on your disposition, it depends on what life is throwing your way. Though I agree, I also disagree, I think being positive and seeing things in positive light is a frame of mind and we can do it.

We have a habit of being negative.  We need to break that habit.  We need to change negative into positive.  We need to break the thought patterns.

Tip 1:  Repeating affirmation

Taking a pen and paper and writing out affrmations and repeating them like lines, makes positivity a bit easier.  As this act of writing and repeating rewires our minds and brains to think more positively.

For Example:

I am calm, confident, everyone loves me and is agreeable with us all the time.  Life is great and everything is great.

If I repeat writing this 7 times in one go and repeat it 3 times a day or 21 days   Or better still write it 21 times, 3 times a day for a month.  Magic will happen.

This a very interactive way of implenting the law of attraction in your life.

Tip 2: say to yourself or write.  There is benefit in everything.

Everything that is difficult in life has come to teach me something.  I can ride the wave.  It is good.  All will be and is well.  I can handle it.  It will not last.  It will repeat until I learn the lesson and I will learn the lesson.   There is benefit in everything.

Stop taking it personally.

Tip 3 – List Your Successes.

Write all your successes daily to remind yourself, that you have pulled yourself out of a low moment.  Do this weekly again pen and paper /journal.

You are good.

Tip 4  Journal and let go of your pain.

Life will chuck horrible stuff at you, but you can and have been successful before -remember that.

Tip 5. Be grateful for 10 things daily.  These can be the smallest of things.

We all to often feel lacking in our life, but we have a lot more than we realise.  This activity reminds you of this and doing it daily breaks the automatic thinking.

Parting thought:  if we do these activities daily , we can rewire ourselves to be positive come what may.

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