Blog Post – February 2018 – Miss Anything?

Blog Post – February 2018 – Miss Anything?

This post is  post listing all the blog post I shared in February 2018.  My blogging/posting schedule centres around 3 days as per below.  Sometimes, I post more than 3 times, but on the whole I follow this pattern.

NewSchedule4 5th oct2017

In the month of February  2018 I decided to run a two week meditation challenge where all of my 3 posts would be a meditation.  This ran from 11 to 25th February, before I returned to my regular scheduled.  The aim was to intensify my meditation practice.  When we  meditate often, it becomes a habit and it becomes easier to meditate.  Also, the benefits of meditation can be experienced.   So, I shared short meditation commentaries to help experienced and new meditators to get into the swing of things.  I chose the topics deliberately, to help concentrate the mind, and release any pains in life.   I believe meditation heals, and often the issues of life are the way we think, react and process life situation.   These commentaries where chosen to help us challenge the way we think and to plant new thoughts in our minds.

The whole point of my blog is improve my life, the way I think, the way I face challenging situations etc..  I share my thoughts with you all in case it might inspire you too. Read my About  page.

Below  is the summary of  all the posts posted in February 2018,  in case you missed anything.


Meditations – aka Wednesday Post

Meditation Commentary – The Art of Decisions

Meditation Commentary – Swing of Happiness.

Meditation Commentary – Being at Peace (Longer Meditation)

Meditation Challenge  11 – 25th Feb 2018

Let us Explore the Benefits of Meditation – With Theory and Practise. – Super Charging Your Meditation – Two Week Challenge – Day 1

Meditation Commentary – Ocean Of Love – Part of Super Charge Your Meditation Challenge. – Day 2

Meditation Commentary – Rest for the Soul – Part of Super Charge your Meditation Challenge. – Day 3

Meditation Commentary – A New HABIT – Part of Super Charge Your Meditation Challenge. – Day 4

Meditation Commentary -Create the Landscape of Your Life – Part of Super Charge Your Meditation Challenge. – Day 5

Meditation Commentary – Release Anger – Part of the Super Charge Your Meditation Challenge. – Day 6

Meditation Commentary – Now or Never – Part of Super Charge Your Meditation – Day 7 -last day.


Thoughts aka Sunday or any other time.

Blog Post – January 2018 -Miss Any?

Super Charge Your Meditation from 11th Feb to 25th Feb 2018

Effective Decision Making

Throw Back Saturday – Are You Paralyzed by Fear or Procrastination?

Benefits of Meditation

5 Tips – On Being Positive


Quotes aka Friday ‘s post.

Who doesn’t love a good quote.  A few words that strick the heart and realisation appears that makes one change their life forever.

Quotes 2018, 4

Quotes 2018 -5

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