Meditation Commentary – On Peace (Longer Meditation)

Linked below is an extremely powerful meditation on Peace by Sister Denise.  Sister Denise is a very power meditator.  This is my favourite meditation, it just takes you into peace.

Meditation helps us re-discover our self and our inner peace.  Meditation is free from rituals and mantras.

All the meditation I share have been created by student of Raja Yoga Meditation,. which teaches “open eyed” meditation, which effectively means, you can meditate anywhere at any time.  Open Eyed Meditation, allows you tap into peace at any time, and fill yourself with that peace at any time.  With open eyed meditation you can meditate on the train, at your desk or in a waiting area, it doesn’t have to be in one place only.  Additionally, when your eyes are open you are more focused and less likely to fall asleep!

I hope you enjoy this Meditation .

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20 thoughts on “Meditation Commentary – On Peace (Longer Meditation)

  1. Hi, I’m not too sure wether you just follow the same path or are willing to explore more. I listen to many gurus of various paths including raja yoga(brahmakumari) and have been following meditation of one path. If you wish to explore other paths too I’ll link you the site of the one I follow.Having said this I do not wish to promote one path over the other. All spiritual paths are equally good and lead to same destination of achieveing peace of mind and imbibing pure qualities✌🏻

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      1. Good. I guess it’s the same with me. I enjoy listening and reading but I enjoy doing the path I follow and after all it doesn’t matter what one follows as sources might be different the ultimate teachings are same.

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      1. I love seeing all your meditation videos and they are so insightful and how we need to clear all our garbages and lead this positive life though as human we do slip at times but can now learn to pick up our pieces. How are you Bella, I hope all good with you.


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