Thank You! It seems this blog is 2 yrs old today

A note to say Thank You to all My Followers , visitors, commentors and friends.   I knew that sometime in March 2018 it would be my 2 year anniversary.  I didn,’t realise it is today.   So happy birthday, not sure how I made two years.

SO I would like to thank you all you for making blogging fun and interesting.

Some of you may think , wow two years!  🤔  well I am as clueless today as I started back in 2016.  Of course one has learnt a thing or two, but a novice I still remain.   But, the enjoyment of blogging, sharing, speaking to you all is what has made two years possible.   Your friendship and support means the world to me.  Blogging has enhanced my life and to you all I am thankful.

Thank you my blogging friends.

IMG_20180221_054426_604Lots of love



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