International Women’s Day

A Daughter,

A Sister,

A Aunt,

A Mother,

A Wife,

A Grandmother,

A Career Women,

A Stay at Home Mom,

A homemaker,

A bread winner,

A child,

A worshiper,

A Princess,

A Girl ,

A lady,

A student,

A Teacher

A Justice Seeker

A Shoulder to Cry on

A friend

A Soul

A human Being

A free Spirit

A Woman

Happy international womens day , we have come so far, yet there is more to achieve.


A Woman brave and bold.

Stoic in all the sense of the word.

Passionate to learn and grow in every aspect of life.  Full of life and mischief.  Full of always wanting to improve herself and her loved ones.  Wise because she is always learning and growing.

Lives a life organised and full of routines.  Knows what she must do and does it regardless of ill health.

She falls down and picks herself up time and time again.

Smiles in the face of rude words and cruelty that  she is subjected to, albeit unfairly.  Smiles sweetly whilst dealing with an illness where the pain is too great to bare.  She carries on – Stoic is she.

Looks after her family even when she is unwell.  Carries on bravely, though she is widowed.

Finds strength to live in a cruel world of harsh words and cruel actions leashed from society including family.  Blood is not thicker than water.  The sadness comes when Women oppress Women.

As we celebrate how far we have come.  Yes, we have come so far, but there is still so much further to go.

A women  alone, for whatever the reason,  grows older by day. She may be blessed with good health.  Even if health is not on her side, she is brave, stoic, has the courage of lion, strength of the universe.

But, quietly at night she might cry for all the woe of this world can be too much for anyone.  But, she found in Him, or he found her – The Divine, he who showered her with   love and comforted her.  ~He keeps her close as she keeps  Him Close.  The Divine takes care of us all only if we hold his hand.  He give us the courage to carry on.


Happy International womens day.

Thanks for popping by

© 2018 – 2020

Written in March 2018, dedicated to my darling mummy who always pushes me to be better than I am.

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