Meditation Commentary – New Habit

Welcome to the weekly Meditation Commentary section of my blog.

Meditation when practised daily can change the dynamics of life and your attitude towards life.  You calm down, life doesn’t feel like a crazy rush,  you will even question yourself why am I running like a crazy (there really is no need to run around crazzzy).

The commentaries help you rewire your patterns and I strongly suggest that you practise them several times a day for an entire week, until I share another.  Unknowingly by practising several times a day you will be receiving subtle benefits that will enhance your peace.

I hope you enjoy this meditation commentary.  This meditation was created by Release Your Wings – YouTube Channel.  All the meditations I share are produced by student of Raja Yoga Meditation.


Thank you for stopping by.  Please like, comment, share or subscribe.   Do let me know how you found this meditation.   I post meditation commentaries weekly.

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  1. These meditations are so soothing, and uplifting. Since they are designed to carry us through not only the day, but well beyond, I can see how practicing them can make the sensory results more permanent. Thanks for sharing!

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