Meditation Commentary – Tolerance

Meditation Commentary – Tolerance

Welcome to the weekly MeditationCommentary section on my blog.

This week I am not sharing a Youtube video, but I am sharing a link to a video on the Meditation section of the Brahma Kumaris offical website. This section of the website has loads of meditation for you to explore.

But, for this week I have selected “The Power to Tolerate”.   The voice on the video link will be familiar, but this particular video can only be found on this website.   Here is the link, I hope you enjoy it Meditation commentary – The Power To Tolerate.

This is a beautiful mediation to practice daily and I think it will help to reinforce your meditation practise and create a great habit of meditation.

I would like to encourage you to do this meditation daily,

  • be that in the morning,
  • lunch time ,
  • evening
  • or when you feel annoyed and fed up

as the words in the meditation will work magic. Do this meditation daily at whatever time suits you. Until,  I post another one next week.

Meditation commentary – The Power To Tolerate

Enjoy. Thanks for Popping by.



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