What about Decluttering Your Mind?

I find decluttering the house, the  cupboards etc so very therapeutic, freeing and enlightening.  When the house is not overlaid with stuff, when you have dropped items to the charity shop or chucked stuff away – there is a feeling of  lightness and freshness in the  air and in your mind.  You, feel so healed and it automatically makes you a wiser shopper – meaning you stop buying junk and filling up the house with other stuff you don’t need.

What about Decluttering Your Mind?  

Happiness and sadness are governed by what we think, what we fill our mind with.   When we physically declutter the house, the car, the office draws, the garden shed we feel lighter and empowered.  Can you imagine if we decluttered our mind, our thoughts how free and light we would feel?

So LET US Throw out   :-

  1. the past pains
  2. the blames
  3. the gossip , this one did that, that did that, etc
  4.  the fear of tomorrow
  5. the fear I am not capable
  6.  the worry of tomorrow
  7. the procrastination
  8. the lazyness, the carelessness
  9. the lack of motivation
  10. the other negative stuff we do…..

Now LET US Switch on the switch of the Mental Declutter, the switch of Mental Wisdom, with the empowering tools of

  1. The past is gone, I can only learn from.  I let go of the pain – it is gone forever chucked in the rubbish bin and has been taken away forever.
  2. I accept them the way they are, I am strong
  3. I don’t take things personally.
  4. Everything is good, I see benefit in everything.
  5. I put a full stop to the need to gossip, to blame .  Instead I turn on the switch of gratitude for what I have,  the switch of affirmation that says I am Brilliant, I am capable, I am strong, I am wise.
  6. They just said something that hurts me – I let of of the automatic pilot of the feeling of pain.  I fill myself with the thought,  I accept them the way they are, words are words they have no impact on me,  I am strong,  I don’t take is personally,  I am thick skinned.  But I am humble, I am not arrogant,  I understand Karma so I will always be kind, good, brave, humble.   Humility is a position of assertiveness.
  7. See no evil, hear no evil, think no evil,  speak no evil – can be applied here,  I don’t take pain through my ears, eyes, thought or  mouth.    This keeps me safe from others and safe from my own triggers of pain.
  8. I no longer clutter my mind with stuff that drains me, that tires me out, that in the long run can make me ill with a psychosomatic illness, or can lead me to depression.

The more and more I practice these switches, the more wiser, tolerant, stronger, humble,  patient I become,  and I naturally stop filling my mind with unwanted junk, in the same way I stop buying stuff to clutter up my home.

Try it and see – some say a habit is created in 21 days, some say 66 days.  I go with 66 days as I can never get a habit down in 21 days.  Try and see , see your world become a happier place.

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      1. Unfortunately yes… It’s really not a fun mind anymore… a bit of a mess is highly beneficial, and relaxing… too much strictness is definitely not…

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