When Do We Stop Growing?

When do we stop growing?

Today, I heard a class and in that class an example was given:-

As a child we physically grow, and that can be seen by out growing shoes and clothes.  But, there comes a time when the shoes stay the same size and so do the clothes and it stays like that forever.  SO, Then the question is how do we grow, in what aspect do we grow?

Without growth of the personal and spiritual kind, what is the meaning of life?  Where is our growth?  What is the purpose of life?

So when do we stop growing?  I hope you agree with me – the answer is never!

Money is needed.  Things are needed.  But, how much is enough and how much is greed?

For me growth is not related to money, material stuff, or how friends and family I have.

It is about internal peace, happiness, courage, self respect and just being a good Soul.  Reducing negative karma and increasing good karmas.  Not getting stuck in the pain and sorrow of life.  That is the beauty of life, becoming better than I was yesterday.  That is growth.

Thank you for popping by.  Do share your thoughts in this in the comments below.

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23 thoughts on “When Do We Stop Growing?

  1. So true Bella. WE never stop growing. The question is in what direction are we growing – for good or for bad. We make that decision, and I pray I always choose that good and acceptable path!

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