Meditation Commentary – Healing The Body

Meditation Commentary – Healing The Body

Welcome to the weekly Meditation Commentary section of my blog.

Meditation heals and repairs, not just the body but our emotions and pains.


I hope you enjoy this meditation commentary.  This meditation was created by Release Your Wings – YouTube Channel.  All the meditations I share are produced by student of Raja Yoga Meditation.

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13 thoughts on “Meditation Commentary – Healing The Body

  1. I continue to FAIL at these meditations! Argh! I’m so frustrated. I do like this lady’s voice. I’m getting out the yoga mat, pulling the shades and trying this again. I need this, I’m an anxious wreck. Bella, do you have a certain youtube meditation you like for particularly anxious people like me? A starting point? ~Kim

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      1. I didn’t mean to put you on the spot! I was so aggravated when I wrote the post… I certainly need to look on youtube myself and find a beginner meditation podcast. I was feeling helpless and I am not. Sorry about that, Bella. I will search one out! Sorry for the rant. I did receive good news this afternoon so my universe is beginning to right itself again!

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        1. No problem. It is fine.

          If you go on youtube type in release your wings , then you can get all meditation but they also have great talks too. You can try this meditation. I am actually sharing this next week

          Have you ever tried cognitive therapy it helps you manage unhelpful thoughts. It allows to see what you have achieved, and how to valid and let go of unhelpful thoughts. I might have done a post sharing the tools , but may have called it cognitive therapy.

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        2. Thank you Bella. I will follow the link. And yes, i did cognitive therapy for about 7 years. It was very helpful. And still is, when I remember to use the tools I was taught. This spring, in Minnesota, has been harsh weather and my depression flared ( did you know you can have depression flares?) anyway… I’ve been in a perpetual state of anxiety from this depression flare for about three weeks, it is disappointing but it is coming to an end, feeling less anxious about my depression. I will go to YouTube and type in release your wings. Thank you Bella for your kindness and help always! Sincere thanks. ~Kim

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