It is said See No, Hear No, Speak No, Think No,…..Why?

It is said

See No,

Hear No,

Speak No,

Think No

Why does this wise old saying exist?  What is it telling us to do?

When I see something bad, or hear something bad, think or speak something bad,  I damage my peace of mind, my goodness and my character.

When we come into feeling bad, on seeing this one did that, or we heard something bad, we take it inside our heart and mind and we poision ourself.  Then, that poison comes out in our interactions.  Because we have spent so much time mulling over they did that, that should not happen etc.

So this simple little saying is all powerful and wise -Because it says to us:-. 

Learn to see  – but don’t see the bad try to see the good

Learn to hear  – but don’t hear,  learn to filter out that which causes you pain

Learn to Speak –  Speak good  things or don’t speak at all.

Learn to think – Our thinking is based on what we see, hear, feel, and speak.  Often we speak negatively of someone or something.  Learn to think in a beautiful way and in not a negative way.    Always see the positive.

If we  learn to see good,  hear good, think good and speak good then our world is beautiful and we are a beautiful flower in the world.

This saying recognises that there is bad in the world and how it impacts us.  Therefore, the saying advises  us sweetly  see no, hear no, speak no, think no!

To keep our peace, and not loose our beauty we must not stain ourself with that which is bad, unfair or unkind.  For these things hurt us so and stop us from growing.  If learn to see beauty in the ugly then we have learnt a lot in life.  In all difficult situation there is beauty. But in pain we must not loose our beauty of character.

I hope this make sense to you.

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Contemplate life and life will become beautiful.  Do the right thing always, and you will be a radiant soul. To fit in to what is wrong is not what we are made for.  Grow wise, bold, and truthful.  Let your life be filled with growth, honestly and humility, you will thank yourself for being you.

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