Wishing Harry and Meghan a long and happy married life.  Yesterday, was certainly a Royal Wedding with a difference.

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  1. I wish the royal couple marital bliss and a lasting marriage. It was a beautiful ceremony and I could see love written all over Harry and Meghan. Love is a beautiful thing when you find the right one. 🙂 Thanks Bella for sharing. 🙂

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  2. For me, it spoke volumes about how one brother’s views so VASTLY differed from the other’s. It also spoke of how the influence of one woman could change that man so completely. Harry looked like a powerful force hit him so completely. Not even William and Catherine looked that much in love to me when they wed – and they do love one another, no question. They were the “British, stiff upper lip” to Harry and Meghan’s “true love.” There was a powerful influence of love that radiated throughout the entire ceremony. I was deeply moved by the ceremony; powerful ceremony.

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