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So Last week I introduced the “Peace of Mind -The Rules” and spoke of Rule 1.  This week it is the turn of Rule 2 & 3.   If you missed last week post here it is:  Peace of Mind – The Rules (Intro and Rule 1)

Before I get into the rules.  It is important to know that” I am a Soul”, and my original nature is peace, love, purity, wisdom and joy.  I feel hurt and pain when I do not experience these in my daily life.  So, to safe guard myself from pain and even myself, I need to change the way I think and live life.

Rule 2 – Let go of pain immediately

Pain is like a rotten apple /fruit, you throw it in the bin straightaway.  But, sometime we hold on to the pain. By holding on to the pain, we increase the pain.    Letting go of the pain immediately, and instilling this as a habit, means you can move on with life and not carry that rotten apple with you all the time.  The rotten apple gets smelly, attracts insects and is unhygienic, so imagine what holding on to pain is doing to you mentally, physically and emotionally. 

If some on hurts us, it is up to us to take that pain, or not.  We don’t have to accept the pain given, we can stay quiet whilst it is shared, but inside we just don’t have to  hear it, see it, feel it, think it and we just let it go. 

Troubles, will come and they come to test us, so each time you are able to let go of the pain when it comes at you, it means that you are mastering that test and you are creating a great new positive thinking habit. 

Lessons repeat until they are learnt.  So learn to see each painful situation as learning, as growth, as an opportunity to pass the test time and time again.  In this way you enhance your ability to keep your peace of mind in a difficult situation.  The more you do it, the greater chance of creating a new automatic response.

How Can You Do this?

What is your Mindset & Heartset

So you are in the situation and pain is coming your way from words from another person.  Say to yourself, I don’t have to accept this pain or anger, I stay calm, waves of peace are running over me, I am able to send them peace and love so that they calm down too.  I am strong, I am peaceful.  Even, if their words are intended to hurt me, I am stronger than that, I don’t accept their dislike, I let it go, I let them go, I am free, I am loved by God and others. I love and respect myself.

Now, they may say something that holds some truth, and you may wish to work on that bit of it and let go of the rest.   But, the main thing is when pain comes let it go.  Practice tolerance, send love and peace to them, don’t let anger or blame into your heart.  Don’t spoil your beautiful character.  When we hold on to pain, we create a negative karmic bondage with them and things will not improve, we are attracting more pain by not letting go.  We are spoiling our own life.  As crazy as it sounds holding onto pain can become a habit!  Remember, rule number 1 – You can only change yourself not another.

It is just a Test paper to make you a Better person.   

All these situations come to us to make a  us a better person.  Make it your aim to remain peaceful no matter what.  When the situation comes,  say it is just a test paper that I am going to pass.  Pat yourself on the back for each baby step forward.  Sometimes you will do well, sometimes not so well, and sometimes it will be half and half.  But, the point is you are moving forward.  Don’t give up you can do it.

Understand  that the consequences of holding onto negative stuff and pain,  is a stronger negative karmic account.  Additionally, will mean that you attract more negativity (as the law of attraction comes into play),  you will attract  illnesses in terms of  health, mentally and physically and you will be unhappy and life just becomes hard. 

Let go, forgive, forget as much as you can.  You know that forgiveness is all about you and not them(because you can only change you and not another person).  Even learning to accept that this person is like that is a step forward, but wish them well and  have good thoughts towards them, will  releases you from an extended negative cycle.  So, take pain and difficult situations as a test paper that you will pass, baby step at a time and one day you will be free and have passed. 

Rule  3 –  Don’t regurgitate the pain again and again

Actually rule 2 and 3 go hand in hand.  Because, if we don’t let go of pain immediately, we regurgitate it, and we make that pain a habit, isn’t that crazy.   Each time you regurgitate pain, you create a negative karmic account with that person or situation. You send out to the universe pain, and in terms of the law of attraction, you ensuring you will receive more pain in the future!!!

By regurgitate pain, you create bond of pain between you and that situation/person.  You then either get more pain from that person/situation and/or health issue.  I read a book where a lady had brain tumour that was in-operable, but through healing, letting go and changing her thoughts she reduced the tumour to a scar.

Letting go is so vital.  To forgive is to let go.  To let go is a wise chose. To hold on, is to rot your life.  I have also been to  talks where many people have spoken about forgiveness and letting go and concluded the same, the bond of negative karmic breaks from your side.  When it breaks from your side, it release you from them.  Now, there is no guarantee of them changing, but your release makes it better all round  Remember you can only change yourself.  You are freed and you can live, and move one.

What letting go does it breaks the invisible negative bond between two people.  The other person may not change, but you are changing yourself towards them. You don’t have to go in front of the person, you can do the letting go remotely, the forgiving remotely because sometimes we just don’t have the strength to face that person.  It doesn’t matter if that person changes or not, what matters is you let go. Then you heal emotionally and/or physically.

The more we bring up the pain, the more pain, hurt and anger we create in ourselves. We send that out to the universe and we get 100 time more pain back, we create a really strong thread of negative karma, that will hit us when we least expect it, but will hit us.

Me and My Pain Journey

I have been hurt many a time.  In 2014 a massive attack came, the most hurtful thing anyone could have done was done.  By this time , I was practising letting go, the teachings of Raja Yoga Meditation, and slowing maturing in life,  and frankily i was and am a work in progress.  I realised that this attack of pain was, the result of my negative thinking in my late 20’s and that understanding of Karma and law of attraction made it easy for me to accept, how I created that pain, additionally the teaching of Raja Yoga Meditation – that I have been practising.  I think I will be a work in progress my whole life, but I definately am improving and I say to my self , at least I am trying to improve.

How to Let go?

After reading this book and the talks I attended on forgiveness, Karma and understanding the law of attraction better, I was able to accept that some of this was my fault.  Karma is a huge topic (some of which I have covered in other blog post on  my blog). Karma is also quite huge and I don’t get all of it.  So, the question is  How do I let go when this person will never become better.   Firstly, the thought  this person will never become better  – is negative and I am creating a negative account with them still. 

So what I have been doing to let go and what I have learnt is

  • Give myself space away from them to recover, heal and become stronger. So, when I have to face them I can keep my peace. We should never not completely move away from the person and some cases we can’t for whatever reason.
  • Accept them as they are. Good or bad..
  • Don’t accept their  negativity towards you.
  • Understand, some people can give pain, they move on quickly, whilst I might remain stuck. All human being are unique.  So I  have to become stronger and not expect from another what they don’t have to give.  I am not saying this in a rude, or condensing way, but some people just don’t have a clue of their impact and how long it hurts another, cause that is the way they are.  So accepting that this is their way and I am not that way, is understanding that I should not take pain, forgive them for them for they do not know what they do.  Honestly they don’t.  Even if they do it deliberately, if they had a capacity to think more compassionately they would not, but that is the way they are.   Remember you can only change yourself and donate to them good wishes.!
  • Understand that holding on to pain  creates more pain, and illness.
  • Understand that you are spoiling your beautiful character and your life, present and future
  • Focus your life on good and giving good vibrations.
  • Don’t send out negative vibrations, thoughts, feelings, etc. they boomerang back to you !
  • Don’t talk about the pain and them constantly.
  • See it as a game, a test paper that you will pass baby step at time –  and you will  pass it – don’t give up – do it for you.
  • Don’t be hard on yourself if you fail at this, keep trying.  We are breaking a habit of holding on to pain, and if you have held on to it for a long time, then it will take some time to break it, but you can.  Always be kind and supportive to yourself when breaking negative cycles but keep trying until you suceed.  PLEASE!

How to Let Go – Practically

I have been practising the law of attraction by repeating and writing affirmation every day to help me different situations.

So, I came up with this.  On a piece of paper write,  “ I let go of  XZX”  I wish you well.   I let go of you.  I wish you become mindful of what you do.  I let go of you and I accept you as you are and I expect nothing.  I am strong and I stay strong.   I repeat something like this every day and I write it 7 or 21 times a day and I always shred those papers and recycle them (again –why hold on to pain, throw it away daily).

I have found doing this has created space, has allowed me to let go and I feel better.  Having, said that I still have a lot to do.  But, each time I am in front of this person(s),  I am able to check my stage inside, am I stable, calm, peaceful, or is pain welling up and this becomes my gage that say you need to do more.  I know for sure this is definately helping me.

Finally, when you regurgitate pain, you actually are not living in the present, you never truly happy.  So, letting go and whatever little success you have is a small step in the right directionIt is important to practise tolerance, mercy, compassion, kindness and understanding.  It is important to increase yourself worth, not by putting another down, but by valuing yourself. 

I hope this has been useful and I am sorry I have rambled on a bit here.  Again, I am no expert, just sharing what I do.  I know what I share might be too hard for some to accept now, but keep trying and one day it will make sense and then you will be able to start moving forward.  Well, you can start to move forward today, if you do all of this as mantra because then your subconscious mind will be reprogrammed into  letting go.

I would like to finish off with a Meditation, from the release your wings youtube channel.  Because,  we need to feed our mind good thoughts to help us free from all the negativity.

Thank you for popping by. Please like, share, and comment below your thoughts on this blog post. The follow up to this series will be next Sunday. If you like what I share on this blog do subscribe my blogging scedule is at the bottom of this post.

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