Good and Bad, Right and Wrong. Why do these concepts exist?

Have you ever asked yourself -why there is the concept of good and bad, right and wrong? And what does it mean to how I live my personal life?


I think that right and wrong, good and bad exist as navigators for our life, to ensure we sow the right seeds of karma, so we are protected from doing wrong, there by we only have the fruits of good karma to be rewarded with.

If we do not have a yard stick, a bench mark or a standard to follow how do we know what to do?

If we do wrong we know we have reap the fruit of that wrong.  If we do good we are rewarded with more good.

But, what goes wrong?  We get influenced, we don’t use our conscience or intuition, we just follow without thinking for ouself.   And sometimes who we follow are actually leading us down the wrong path.

If you dislike anyone, you must get to the bottom of that and find away of changing it, because all you are doing is creating negative karma.  If a friend or close relationship doesn’t like someone, instead of joining in that dislike you should remain away from it, because as you sow so shall you reap.

Karma and God are not the same.  God is our loving parent.  Karma is the law of the land that each Soul is under.  Karma keeps the account and when it is time to reap it will be repead.  God tries to guide us, but how many of us are prepared to hear and change.

Just a few thoughts for today.  Comment below what you think on this.

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  1. This is a really interesting post. As a Buddhist my belief is Right, Wrong, Good & Bad do not exist except in the mind. For example, if I place a bowl of mushrooms in the centre of a room full of people, some will find themselves salivating at the thought of eating them and others will be repulsed by the look feel and taste of them. Does this make Mushrooms good or bad? The answer is neither and it’s the same with all phenomena and people. Another example is a more recent problem – terrorism. When we hear of someone committing the most abhorrent of crimes against humanity, most of us will see those responsible as monsters, worthy of nothing more than punishment or even death. But if we speak to their mothers, what they’ll think of, is the day they held what we perceive as a monster to their breast, the day they took their first steps etc. The mother will see her son as something very different than we do so is the terrorist good or bad? It seems the answer lays in which side of the issue we’re standing.

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    • Thank you for you indepth comment full of thought and examples. Yes , i get your point it is perspective and the persons stand point.

      I guess my humble view point is, we should be mindful of the accumulation of charitable and good karma/actions so that we are later rewarded with that. Otherwise, if we do that which is negative karma then it is i who pay the price later on. So with the wisdom of good and bad i can chose to safe guard myself from performing negative karma for which i will have pay. Infact i feel these concepts safe guard ourselves from ourselves.

      Again , i totally get you view point and its very valid. Everyones persception /stand point is different in deed.

      Have a great day. Thanks for visiting and commenting grately appreciate your time.


  2. Hi Bella. We are free-thinking creatures. Sometimes our human thought process linked with free will drag us down paths that we shouldn’t be on. But that’s free will and each action is a drop in the Karma bucket. I believe God is a loving God and thinks each of us as his children are special just as we think our own children are special. Even when our children misbehave we do not stop loving them. I think you are spot on with your post. ~Kim

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