Peace of Mind – The Rules – Rules 4 to 7. Last Post in this series.

Peace of Mind – The Rules – Rules 4 to 7. Last Post in this series.Peace of Mind the rules - inst

Automatic Reactions

Your automatic trigger can work against you when you want peace of mind.  You have to know yourself well, to know what pushes your buttons.  Is it the external situation, or are you already internally upset and the outside situation just pushed you over the edge? Were you most likely going to  go over the edge anyway without anyhelp?

Automatic reactions can also come from feelings of hurt that are buried within me.    Each time I regurgitate pain I make it a habit, and I subconciously create an automatic reaction  within you towards that person or situation. We become intensely wired up to react negativity because we keep regurgitate the pain and fail to let go.

What are we Influenced by.

We are influenced by many things.  We are influence positively or negatively, by the company we keep, by our own thinking, family or work, and what we take inside our hearts and minds.  We are influenced by our own character, our personality.  We might be a person that take things to heart, or we might be an egoist.  Either way, we are influenced by others and ourself.

Additionally, we are influenced by what we see, hear, speak and think.  That is why is is said see no, think no and speak no. To have peace of mind, we need to learn to see and not see, hear and not hear.  We need to understand ourself well enough to know,  this hurts me, let me not take it to heart or mind.  We need to learn these are test papers to be passed, that have come to make be a better person.  We need not to take pain or have negative feelings to the other or the situation, as all these feeling impact my peace of mind.   We need to ACCEPT the person and situation as it is.  WE need accept and understand this how I am and I am reacting a bit too much.  We need to accept I can only change myself.  We need to understand in every hardship I have an opportunity to become better than I was.  I need not to focus on them who gave pain, but on me to become a better person, to pass the test paper infront of me, to understand the lesson will repeat until learnt and i need keep on having the courage to step into the test and know I will inventually pass.

Learn to change the way you think.

It is essentially the way think, feel and approach the situations that makes them harder.  We can only control ourself, we can not ask another to do that.  We are in charge of our peace.  So we have to learn not to take pain,  to be loving and detached, to put a full stop of waste and unhelpful thoughts, and let of it all very quickly otherwise we create a negative bond of more pain, emotional and physical.  Learn to know yourself, learn to pat yourself on each small win, have the faith God is with you, have the faith in yourself that you will pass each test paper of pain and then one day they will all be gone – hooray!

  1. I don’t have to accept the pain
  2. I can only change myself
  3. Use journalling  to help you
  4. Practise gratitude and affirmation
  5. Do not wish ill on the person or situation giving pain
  6. Accept the situation as beautiful test paper that has come to make you a diamond.  It is polishing you and making you better.
  7. Let them do their bit, you do yours.  Be beautiful and wish them well.
  8. Meditate and connect to the Divine Soul.  Remind yourself that you are a Soul not this body. That you are immortal, and your original qualites are of love, peace, purity, wisdom and joy.  Then, when you in this state of self truth, nothing can make you loose your peace of mind.
  9. It is your mind, it is your thoughts and feelings, it is all in your hands.  We make ourselves happy or sad.  They did what they needed to do, now you simply have to pass the test and not side track from the goal – of keeping your peace no matter what, staying true to the qualities of you the soul nothing else needs to get in the way.
  10. The biggest lesson:  YOU  can  ONLY Change yourself and not another.  Therefore, accept them the way they are.  Don’t expect anything from them. Remain loving and detached in your mind from their projection of pain on you.   You know the feeling of banging your head on brick wall – well it is up to you to Stop!

Can you see there is a pattern in “the Rule”,  they are all connected together.  One cannot be practised without the other.  Each time you are in a situation, you need  to quickly and quietly say to yourself the rules.  Remind yourself to keep your peace each time you are going to loose it and then one day you will have accomplished it in that suituation.

Peace of Mind the rules - inst

Additionally,  it is important to practise the rules off line, in your journaling, and other smaller situation, then you will instill the habits and you will create new automatic responses.   I list the first two post in this series for your reference.  This is the last post in the seriecs and I hope you have found all 3 posts useful.

  1. Peace of Mind – The Rules (Intro and Rule 1)
  2. Peace of Mind – The Rules – Rule 2 – Let go of pain immediately & Rule  3 –  Don’t regurgitate the pain again and again

Thank you for Reading, do like, subscribe, comment below and share.  Let me know your thoughts or any questions.  As always I would like to share a meditation to help you release the pain and fill yourself with lightness.  Meditation is from Release Your Wings Youtube channel


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