Share Your Beauty everyday….


Flowers share their Beauty, even in the rain and storms.  Be a flower in the rain and storms of your life, always share your beautiful character and manners.

No matter what , do not let life harden you, take away your smile and zest for life.  Be your own cheer leader and motivate yourself to be the best every day.

© 2018

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  1. I know you’re talking about inner beauty and character, but I think it’s important to never let ourselves go physically, either. Some women, after reaching “a certain age,” stop trying to look nice and don’t pay attention to good grooming: hairstyle, makeup, clothes. It is never too late to look one’s best, and age is not an excuse to stop trying. Others have to look at us — let’s make the world a little brighter by looking our very best! It shows respect for others as well as ourselves.

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