Self Mastery:- the art of being a master of myself.

Self Mastery:-  the art of being a master of myself.

self mastery

The art of knowing myself.

The art of understanding why I become unhappy, moody, tearful

The art of making myself happy, content, peaceful, wise, joyful and  my own advisor.

The art of stopping myself from having negative and unhelpful thoughts

The art of letting go, and accepting,

The art of being a beautiful soul, of peace, purity, love, wisdom and joy

The art of knowing when bads words and insults are shared with me – I don’t have to react nor do I have to cry,  I listen but I don’t accept nor do I raise my voice, I just let it be but I stay totally calm (like the center of the storm is the calmest place to be)!

The art of knowing myself, the art of having the courage to change myself,  the art and joy of becoming a better person.

self mastery the invitation.jpg

For the Month of June 2018,   It is my deep desire to intensify my Meditation and Peace of Mind.  To increase my stability and resilence.  To create such habits a head of time, and even in the admist of a storm, that allow me to bend in the wind and not break.   If you have been following me for sometime, then you know I am into Mediations and share meditations weekly,  I love journaling and using affirmations and gratitute to help in life.  Recently I did 3 part series on “Peace of Mind – The Rules” (links to post below) ,which has really inspired me to want really deepen my meditation and self mastery.   So, Friends I invite you on a journey of self mastery.

They say habits take 21 days to create a habit, so starting Ist June to 30th June 2018,  I will be sharing Meditations, Affirmations and other inspirations daily (well daily ish I am thinking of not posting on Saturday and Monday).  I believe in repeating affirmations  so  a pen and paper is needed.  I believe we should meditate more  than once a day – but if you can only do once a day than that is great. I believe in letting go and sending light to a difficult situation.   So I hope you will join in the journey, that might repeat along the way, because that is the way a habit is formed.

I hope you will join me, do comment below.

Thanks for reading and popping by.

Here are the links to the Peace of Mind Series  – you might find useful

  1. Peace of Mind – The Rules (Intro and Rule 1)
  2. Peace of Mind – The Rules – Rule 2 – Let go of pain immediately & Rule  3 –  Don’t regurgitate the pain again and again
  3. Peace of Mind – The Rules – Rules 4 to 7. Last Post in this series.

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