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Dear Friends ,  Sharing quotes early this week, because from the 1st June to 30th June , I will be running a daily self mastery series on my blog. Self Mastery:- the art of being a master of myself. I hope you can join in.


I have yet to decide if i will share quotes in June as i will be blogging daily.  But watch this space.. you never know..


Regards Bella.

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  1. Wonderful quotes — although Picasso’s made me smile. It’s a pity he had such low self-esteem isn’t it? 😉 Have a wonderful weekend, Bella.

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    • I hope you enjoy the self mastery ones they are designed to be daily , a routine to practise daily, to instill the habit of positive thinking, meditations, healing and letting go of any pain. And doing for whole june should allow for positive self transformation. Enjoy.

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        • Dont be sorry it is for you at your pace. And it is not about being behind.. it is for you and i hope that your benefit. Self mastery is not a comparison it is for you and only you and your benefit.. i have created it for me and i actually want to do it for 3 months as thats how habits are really created.. but from a blog perspective only running it for a month..

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