Self Mastery – 2nd June


Self Mastery

The art of knowing myself, the art of having the courage to change myself, the art and joy of becoming a better person.

To Days Exercise at Self Mastery

Starting  Meditation

Happiness Meditiaton-   From Release your wings channel on Youtube


Take a pen and paper and write these affirmation out 7 times likes lines, and if possible do thid 3 times in the day.

I am a peaceful and contented Soul. I am Calm, Still, and Happy.  I am Whole and Heathly.  I have the courage to face all situations. I can do this.  


List 3 things you are grateful.

An Exercise in Letting Go.

Whatever situation is currently disturbing you – let it go today.

Visualise that person or situation, see yourself centred in peace and shine The Divines light on You and them.

Either take a pen and paper and write out or say out loud  – 7 times. 

I let go of  all that hurts,  I am free from it all,  I wish you peace and happiness.  I let go of this pain,  and I understand that we are unique and you have the right to be you, and I the right to be me.   I let go of all the pain, I wish you well, I am free from this. I am happy and peaceful. I wish you clarity and peace.

Positive Energy To the body.

Visualise white light from the Divine, God or the universe, shining on your body .   Going up and down healing that which needs to be healed.  DO this for 2 minutes.

Even if you are healthy then do this exercise.

Additionally, if members of family and friends are not well, you can do this for them too.  Again for 2 minutes.

Ending Meditation

Thank you for popping by and Joining in this tranformation journey.

Please do comment below how you found this.

I want to share my experience of yesterday 1st June.  I did this first thing in the morning and at night.  In the morning I overslept and so couldnt write down the exercises i said them aloud.  In the middle of the day I asked myself how am i?  I was having a blip, so i wrote out the affirmations and gratitude and listen to the meditation.  Then before sleeping i did it all again but writing it out.  For me, the magic is in the writing and repeating of the affirmation, it rewires the thinking and makes the affirmation, letting go, and gratitude real and mine.    Like wise meditation more than once a day and the healing the body visualisation more than once really, breaks up the craziness of the day and centred me.  Which simply puts life into perspective.  Because if we dont stop and check in and say how am i, we just carry on and exhaust ourself.

I am pre-writing the exercises so i can do them in the morning when i wake up, because I want to have a serious shift in my life.

So in prewriting i went to bed late.  Which made me oversleep.  So, make sure you to bed on time so you can wake up a bit earlier to make time for this.  I want to go to bed by 9.30 /10pm.

Just sharing my honest experience to help you on your journey.

Thanks again and catch up with you tomorrow.

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    • Your link takes me into an empty post to edit? Alyssa, thank for the kind nomination, i made a decision a while back i wont accept awards and the reason is that i find it so hard to find or select from all the fantastic bloggers to nominate. When i first started to blog i accepted two and omg it was so hard to do. So please forgive me for not accepting. And thank you for your warm recognition of my blog.

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      • Oh my goodness, I am so sorry. I don’t know how I sent the link wrong. And no worries about not accepting the award. I actually understand. I was getting them a lot and stopped accepting because there were way too many and like you said it is hard nominating others when you have so many great bloggers. I did this one because it was sent by a fairly new blogger and I just wanted to help her out!! I always say when I nominate bloggers that I understand we get busy and to never feel obligated to accept! I always want others to know how much I appreciate their fantastic work!!!

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